Discussion 1

hello I have a  discussions that have to be done.

Discussion 1

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Discussion 1
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After reading the application case, Appraising the Secretaries at Sweetwater U, in the text answer the following question:

  • What performance appraisal system would you develop for the secretaries if you were Rob Winchester?  Defend your answer.

After reading the application case, Uber Technologies Inc., in the text answer the following question:

  • Without doing any further research than what you learned in this chapter, what other steps would you suggest Uber take to improve employee retention?

Discussion 2

  1. What is a Performance Appraisal?  Do you think this is an effective means to gauge an employee’s performance?

2.  Of the performance appraisal tools highlighted in the text, highlight one tool and discuss its merits, as well as possible disadvantages.

3.  What is 360 degree feedback?

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