A. Assignment GuidelinesDIRECTIONS: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your assigment until it meets these guidelines.1. Email to the Customer❒ Have you communicated all essential information to the customer regarding the actions you will take?❒ Have you chosen the appropriate language and tone for this audience?2. Message to Your Team❒ Have you communicated all essential information to your team regarding the tasks and timeline?❒ Have you clearly designated roles and responsibilities relating to the tasks?❒ Have you identified the tool from the list provided on the template that you will use to deliver your message?❒ Have you explained your reasons for choosing this tool?❒ Have you structured your message with this specific tool in mind?3. Formatting and Conventions❒ Have you formatted both messages using the template provided?❒ Have you revised, edited, and proofread your messages to ensure they are clear and error-free?C. RequirementsThe following requirements must be met for your submission to be graded:• Each email message should be limited to no more than 12 sentences or 200 words.• Use a readable 12-point font.• All writing must be appropriate for an academic context.• Composition must be original and written for this assignment.• Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited.• Submission must include your name and the date.• Include all of the assignment components in a single file.• Acceptable file formats include .doc and .docx

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