Case Study

Your name is Joanne Sands. You work for the ABC Manufacturing Corporation, as the Human Resources Manager in charge of all internal and external corporate communications. Your Boss, Ian Small, the President of ABC Corporation has tasked you with a very difficult task on his behalf. Its March 13th, 2020, and Covid-19 has infected many people in your province, and the government has told businesses, and, in your case, manufacturers, to immediately shut their doors and request their staff to work from home, where possible. That will not be possible for all your staff. This will require interim layoffs and short shipments to your existing and new clients. They must be informed immediately.

You are provided with the following information:

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Case Study
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• The company must shut its doors by March 20th, 2020, as per provincial mandates

• All shipments and production will cease on that date

• Only 30% of your workforce, mostly administrative staff, will be asked to work from home with updates every two weeks as to whether there will be more layoffs.

• 70% of your non-essential workforce (plant workers, maintenance staff, etc.) will be on temporary lay off with two weeks severance pay, then provided instructions for how to apply for Employment Insurance. See example website link (if you need more information for your assignment):

• All Staff must be informed of these company decisions, both internal and external before May 18th, 2020, • All clients must be informed of the company production shut down before May 20th, 2020, ensuring them that ABC Corp will be back up and running soon, and admin staff will be available in the interim for any of their concerns.

Write the two correct communications as requested by your Boss – one to ABC Corp Staff and one to ABC Corp Clients. Make sure you are writing each to the correct audience. Utilize the 7 C’s of communication to ensure that nothing is overlooked in your two very different messages. Both messages must be of the right tone to ensure confidence in your organization and its ability to be a going concern (in business) during these tough times.

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