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Need help with the following case study*, please read below. Also, you have to read the Case study 2 attached* in order to get fully understanding.

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case study
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M Burke has recently joined the PLE management team to oversee production operations. He has reviewed the types of data that the company collects and has assigned you the responsibility to be her chief analyst in the coming weeks. To prepare for this task, you have decided to review each worksheet and determine whether the data were gathered from internal sources, external sources, or have been generated from special studies. Also, you need to know whether the measures are categorical, ordinal, interval, or ratio.

  • Prepare a report summarizing the characteristics of the metrics used in each worksheet.

M. Burke has asked you to do some preliminary analysis of the data in the Performance Lawn Equipment database.

  • First, she would like you to edit the worksheets Dealer Satisfaction and End-User Satisfaction to display the total number of responses to each level of the survey scale across all regions for each year.
  • Second, she wants a count of the number of failures in the worksheet Mower Test.
  • Next, M Burke has provided you with prices for PLE products for the past 5 years:

Year          Mower Price ($)         Tractor Price ($)

2010                 150                            3,250

2011                 175                            3,400

2012                 180                            3,600

2013                 185                            3,700

2014                 190                            3,800

  • Create a new worksheet in the database to compute gross revenues by month and region, as well as worldwide totals, for each product using the data in Mower Unit Sales and Tractor Unit Sales.
  • Finally, he wants to know the market share for each product and region based on the PLE and industry sales data in the database.
  • Create and save these calculations in a new worksheet. Summarize all your findings in a report to Mr. Burke.


Develop your own Business Data  Analytics EXCEL model(s) to support all your answers and analyses and post this(these) file(s) in addition to your Case Analysis Performance Lawn Equipment Report. 

Finally, please answer all Questions and Sections of this Data Analytics for Business Case with detail and step by step being methodical and accurate in your answers. It is extremely important that for each Question and Section, you write the entire question and you label and/or place the appropriate headings and subheadings clearly for each part of the question and/or section.

Please do the report on world doc and provide excel worksheets*


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