Capital Punishment

Controversial History/Current Event Project1.Use standard MLA-style documentation and format in your papers.2.Paraphrased information is to be put in your own words without changing the original author’s intended meaning. Quoted information should be in the exact words as in the original source and should be in quotation marks. Quotes should also be introduced by a signal phrase. Quoted information that is not in quotes is considered plagiarism.3.Whether paraphrased or quoted, all outside information should be cited within the paper. Even if you paraphrase something, you still need to cite it because it is not your original thought. The only things in a research paper that do not need to be cited are your own original thoughts and opinions.4.You need BOTH in-text citations and a Works Cited page. It is not either/or. If you do not have both, it is considered plagiarism and will receive a grade of F. Blatant plagiarism, in which no attempt at documentation is made and/or there is rampant, wholesale copying from sources without any attempt to give proper credit, will result in a zero.5.Make sure that EVERYTHING that you used in your paper is listed on the Works Cited page and that anything that you did not use is NOT on it. Documentation needs to be exact.

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Capital Punishment
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