Business Plan

Each student is tasked to discuss about the business idea in the form of a mini business plan (3,000 words).  

Mini Business Plan outlines the following areas:

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Business Plan
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Business idea to use: a bar & bistro restaurant

Table of Contents

I.               Executive Summary

II.             Industry Analysis

·      Industry size, Growth Rate, and Sales Projections

·      Industry Trends

·      Long term prospects

III.           Company Descriptions

·      Company History

·      Mission Statement

·      Product and Services

IV.          Market Analysis

·      Market Segmentation and Target Market Selection

·      Buyer Behavior

·      Competitor Analysis

·      Estimates of Annual sales

V.            Marketing Plan 

·      Overall Marketing Strategy

·      Product, Price, Promotions and Distributions

·      Sales Tactics

VI.          Design and Development Plan

·      Development Status and Tasks

·      Challenges and Risks

·      Proprietary Issues

VII.        Operations Plan

·      General approach to operations

·      Business Location

·      Facilities and Equipment

VIII.      Management Team

IX.          The Economics of the Business, and Financial Projections

·      Revenue Drivers and Profit Margins

·      Start-up Costs

·      Sources and Uses of Funds Statement

·      Pro-Forma Cash Flows

X.            Business Model Canvas


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