An important aspect of learning about Sustainable leadership is the examination of others in the profession. To apply what we have learned, and show your understanding of the theories we have discussed in detail. 
For this assignment, select a leader in Sustainability and use the following 3 areas to guide your analysis:
•                 Identify the Sustainability practices that make the leader outstanding in the area of Sustainability –
•                 Identify objective and identifiable characteristics of the leader such as (but not limited to) traits, strengths, accomplishments, background, skills, integrity, creativity, knowledge, passion, drive, etc.
•                 Select at least one Sustainability area where the leader can improve.
The expected length of this paper is 3-4 pages excluding cover and reference page. Use a minimum of 4 academic sources in addition to the course text to support your response.

 A few recommendations make sure to add headings and sub-headings. Also,  please make sure to add an introduction and conclusion to your papers. 


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