Basic Statistics.

I will pay for the following article Basic Statistics. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Basic Statistics Product B-17 Data & Statistical Calculations Prepare a Frequency Distribution Chart. Frequency Distribution chart of Product B-17 based on a number of rejects.

Be sure to clearly show how you arrived at your conclusion in at least one-half page of text.

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First, I calculated the relative frequency by dividing each frequency by the sum of frequencies. Now find the percentage of all the relative frequencies which would provide the percentage of occurrence of a particular reject. Ex: 6 reject boards occurred 5% in 38 weeks which is less than 7 rejects. All the rejections are 7 or more than 7, which implies that there has been a minimum of 7 rejects seen every week.

Hence, I concluded that the percentage of the relative frequency based on the above chart shows that there are just 2 occurrences of the reject board that is less than 7 reject boards in 38 weeks, which implies that the probability of at least 7 rejected boards is 95%.

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