The assignment is:
Answer these five questions by (6/27)…
Use the stories we have read as the basis of your answer for each question, but don’t use the same story twice (you can mention the same story more than once, but the main subject of each question should be a different story we read). Each essay should be about a page, or so, long (but I’m not counting). Please post your final exam as ONE single .docx file with all the questions on it.
1. Choose one of the stories we have read to discuss “point of view” and how it influences possible interpretations.
2. Discuss gender criticism through an analysis of one of the stories we have read. Does “reading like a woman” (or a man) change the way we understand the story?
3. We have spent some time talking about narrators, and we have had a broad range of different narrators. Compare two narrators and the effect their characters (or lack thereof) have on a reading of the stories.
4. Select a story and discuss which element (setting, narrator, POV, tone, etc.) is the most important to an analysis of the story.
5. The “short story” genre has some predetermined rules. Using one of the stories we have read discuss how it violates those rules, but remains a short story, or the reverse: how it doesn’t violate the rules, but still fails to be a short story.
1. The readings that we took for this course are here, and you can select only five readings that you find them suitable for the questions above.
2. In the end, there should be at least 5 pages (one paper for each question). Please be formal. 


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