Article Critique


The critique must include:

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Article Critique
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1. Name(s) of author(s)

2. Article title

3. Journal title, volume number, date, page numbers

4. Study aims(s)

5. Author’s purpose, methodology, hypothesis, and major conclusions

Suggestions for questions to consider for are listed below:

Use your discretion; not all points must be discussed, and not necessarily in this order.

Study Context

• What is the public health significance of this study?

• Does it generate new hypotheses or confirm previous results with improved methods?

• What does the literature indicate about the need for this study? Do the investigators adequately fit the study in with the current literature and need?

• What underlying assumptions does the author have?

Study Objectives

• What do the investigators want to achieve with this study?

• What is the hypothesis of this study? Is it too specific or too general?

• How are the variables defined?

• How was the information on exposure & outcome collected? Was this the best method?

Study Population

• What was the source of the study population, and how does it compare to the general population?

• How were the subjects selected?

• What was the sample size? Was this an appropriate sample size for the purpose of the study?

Type of Study & Methodology

• Was the appropriate study design used?

• What are the limitations of this design?

• Are the statistical methods appropriate?

Potential for Bias & Confounding

• Could there have been bias in selection of subjects? How would this affect the measure of association?

• Could there have been bias in the collection of information? How would this affect the study results?

• What factors were potentially confounding the study relationship?

• What measures did the authors use to minimize the influence of confounding when planning the study?

Overall Impression

• Is all of the discussion necessary and relevant?

• What are the strengths and limitations of the manuscript?

• Can the results be generalized to the whole population?

• Should sections of the manuscript be expanded, condensed, or omitted?

• Did the manuscript follow a logical written order?

• Did the article gain any media attention? If so, what was reported about it? Were the reports actually in line with the study, or were they misconstrued to further an “agenda” or provide “clickbait”?

Formatting Specifications

Times New Roman font, 1” margins

AMA citation style

2-3 pages, double spaced

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