answer the questions

Socy 101 Video Worksheet Name _________________________

TedX talk by Ai-jen Poo “The Work that Makes All Other Work Possible”

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answer the questions
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Please read all the questions before watching the video. Not all the content matches the order of the questions.

  1. What makes the labor Ai-jen Poo describes invisible?
  2. Why are these employees at risk for exploitation?
  3. How are race, gender, social class, and immigrant status associated with this work?
  4. How is Lily’s story an example of human trafficking and slavery? Be specific.
  5. How does domestic work reinforce social stratification?
  6. What is the “slippery slope” to which Ai-jen Poo refers?
  7. What is the connection between domestic workers, families separated at the U.S. – Mexico border and moral choices?
  8. What does it mean to show up as a domestic worker?
  1. What social policies is the National Domestic Workers Alliance attempting to pass?

For more information about this group, see this link:

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