Annotated Bibliography

Triple-click on any paragraph to replace it with your own text. This is the introduction of your letter. Remember that it is a business communication, so it must be single-spaced and not indented as shown here in the template. Your introduction section can be anywhere from one to three complete paragraphs of four to five sentences each and summarize the main point of the proposal. Be sure that you effectively articulate your topic and purpose in the first paragraph. Your reader should know exactly what you’re proposing by the end of the first paragraph.

The significance of your proposal is next. This part of your introduction should explain to the reader why what you’re proposing is important. In other words, tell your reader what will change if what you are proposing actually occurs. This paragraph can be quite succinct.

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Annotated Bibliography
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Then, conclude your introduction with background information that concisely provides evidence that your proposed solution is the correct one. This will likely be the only section of the proposal that requires cited evidence. Keep in mind that you should cite as many sources as necessary to adequately and effectively support the point of view you are arguing. These can be the same sources from your research essay, but you would summarize the evidence quite briefly here.

Project Details

In this section, you will explain–in detail–what you are proposing. In the introduction, you will have stated this information quite briefly. Here, you will expand on the idea and include specifically what will be done if the project is allowed to proceed.

Notice that there is a single blank line between the paragraphs. This is intentional and should be used in all business format documents in this course. This paragraph is the body of your message.

If it makes sense to do so, you may use a bulleted or numbered (step-by-step) list in this section. Use your best judgement in choosing your approach. In addition, reach out to your instructor for assistance as necessary. This section should be anywhere from three to five short paragraphs.

Deliverables (or Milestones)

You’ll choose which of the above headings is appropriate–either Deliverables or Milestones. Then, in this section, you’ll state what those deliverables are (the tangible or intangible things that are produced as a result of your proposed solution) or what milestones (due dates) must be met. Your choice here is largely dependent on your project topic, and you may choose to include both Deliverables and Milestones, if you would like. Modify the heading according to what you write. This section can also be a bulleted or numbered list, if that makes sense.


This is the conclusion of your proposal. The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the information that’s been presented in the preceding paragraphs. You must also have a call to action in your message asking for permission to proceed with what you are proposing.


[insert sender name]

[insert sender title]


This is a hanging indent. Triple click your mouse on this line of text and replace the information with your reference entry.

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