Affirmative Action

4. Is affirmative action ethically justified?Your paper must be typed and double-spaced. Typeface should be no larger than 12 point. Please use Times New Roman. Please turn in your paper as a Word document.Further, your paper must be at least 750 words long. Please provide a word count at the end of your paper. Papers that are short will receive a grade no higher than a 90. Notice that I’m asking you for a philosophical justification for your position, not a legal or religious argument.I want your personal answer to one of these questions. However, I’m not looking for your “opinion.” Rather, I want you to give a detailed ethical argument justifying your position. In your paper, you must engage at least one of the articles we have read. (That does not include the introductory material in each chapter.)The article is Reflections Of An Affirmative Action Baby [Stephen L. Carter] In addition, it should have a separate cover sheet with your name, the date you’re turning it in, and the course name and number.


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