If you were to open your own business (a business that would require you to keep an inventory), what inventory costing method would you prefer? Discuss why you chose the particular inventory costing method and if your costing method would follow the actual flow of your inventory.

  1. Accounting

Discuss whether you think the same person who receives cash payments should also prepare the bank reconciliation. Give a least one reason to support your answer.

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  1. Computer

After learning the more advanced features of Excel in Unit V, what is your favorite graphics or tables feature, and how will you utilize this feature in the future? Explain how this new feature might aid in your success.

  1. Computer

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 has many new and improved features. What do you think is the most beneficial feature in PowerPoint 2016? Explain why, and give a brief description of how this might help you.

  1. Project Management and tactics

Discuss how you might utilize some of the project management scheduling tools discussed in this unit in your final project. Discuss the progress you are making on your project (due in Unit VII) and presentation (due in Unit VIII). What resources have you found most useful when preparing your project?

  1. Project Management and Tactics

On page 386 of your textbook, review “Project Management in Practice.” This explains how the Olympic Games are scheduled using project management software. Think about some of the extra scheduling conflicts beyond changes in weather that might occur at the Olympics (e.g., scheduling conflicts regarding global participants and guests to the event). Bring to the discussion details of issues that past Olympic Games have had to overcome. How might scheduling concepts learned during this course minimize some of these conflicts? Your final project is due in the next unit! What questions do you have for your instructor regarding the project?

  1. Theories of Personality

Refer back to the six bulleted questions posed in the Unit I Lesson at the end of the Chapter 1 material. Try to answer one of the questions posed, keeping in mind the broad range of the personality theory: Who are you? Respond to a classmate’s post by asking a follow-up question about who he or she is.

  1. Theories of Personality

If you had to write an introduction to the work of any of the theorists mentioned in the Unit II Lesson, what would you say using your own words? Think about how you could explain the work to a friend or family member who has not taken a psychology course before.

  1. Industrial Organizational PSY

Describe a previous experience in the workplace where you experienced cultural diversity. How did this experience shape your perspective about cultural differences moving forward?

  1. Industrial Theories of Personality

n supermarkets, you are more likely to find women as cashiers than behind the meat counter. Further, cashiers are usually paid less than employees of the meat department.

In one store, cashiers have complained that women are being paid less than men and cited the wage differential between the mostly male meat cutter job title and the mostly female cashier job title as evidence that supports their complaint. Management argues that the profit in the meat department largely determines the profit of the store, thus the wage differential is fair to employees. Consider this situation from the two opposite perspectives—management and cashiers. If you were hired in the capacity of an industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist by store management to use job evaluation to provide data in support of management’s position, what types of evaluation data would you gather? Discuss why.


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