OGM 315 Final Project: 10-15 pages No less.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Discuss your organization. History- Product or Service or both. Identify who they serve. What type of non-profit are they? Where are they located and what is the geographical region they serve.

Heading 1: Ethical issues this organization has faced- dilemmas they have encountered. What barriers has this organization handled?

Who are their board of directors? What are the core values? Hard facts and statistics about the organization.

Heading 2: How do they market themselves? Discuss their marketing and find out what good they have done and what bad they have done. What is the mission and vision of the organization? Link to website should be in included. How many people have they served? What is their operating budget?

Heading 3: Recommendations and Safeguards: this is where you make recommendations- please use scholarly journals and peer-reviewed articles to support your statements. Conduct a SWOT analysis.

Heading 4: Why you chose this organization.





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