Ethical Decision-MakingName: Course: Date: Instructor: For questions 2-6, choose from the “Decision-Making Cases” document in the topic study materials. Use critical thinking as well as support from the topic study materials to answer the following prompts. Why do Christians believe that morality is absolute and objective, rather than relative and subjective? If morality is objective, where do Christians get their moral standard? Cite Chapter 7 of The Beginning of Wisdom textbook and/or topic overview. Include the resources you use on a reference page at the end of this document.Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>Use the case you chose from the “Decision-Making Cases” document to answer the following questions to build the Christian ethical response. Use logical reasoning (general revelation). Cite Bible passages (special revelation), The Beginning of Wisdom textbook, and/or the topic overview. Include the resources you use on a reference page at the end of this document.Which case did you choose? <Chosen case>In Chapter 2 of The Beginning of Wisdom textbook and the Topic 1 Overview, the elements of a worldview (ultimate reality, nature of the universe, humanity, knowledge, ethics, purpose) are presented. In the case you chose, which worldview element is going to be the biggest factor for determining right and wrong in the case you chose? Why? Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>How does the Christian worldview describe the worldview element you identified?  Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>What are Bible passages (cite at most three) that will guide the ethics for the case you chose? How do these Bible passages apply to this case?Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>Based on your answers to b and c, explain the Christian response to the case you chose. In other words, how might the Christian worldview resolve the issue? Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>Your previous responses built a Christian ethical stance and provided a Christian resolution for the case. How might this Christian resolution to the issue increase human dignity and human value? Your answer in 50-75 words:<Answer>The Christian position that humans should flourish comes from belief in the goodness of God. How so? What are the connections between God’s goodness and human flourishing? Your answer in 50-75 words:<Answer>Considering the Christian resolution you built for the case and everyone involved in the scenario, what might be some benefits or unintended consequences that come from this resolution? What might be challenging for people to accept or do?Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>What are some ways that Christians should be active in helping to alleviate the suffering related to this issue? Give specific examples that ordinary people can do.Your answer in 75-100 words:<Answer>References:

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