5 page paper

** Please make sure you read through everything below and incorporate it**

5 page SINGLE SPACED paper on “A survey of security threats to software applications (office applications, database, browser, etc., and Hardware platforms (Windows, Linux) 

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5 page paper
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-Times new Roman size 12 font

-For example some examples of security threats are viruses, denial of services, malware, writing passwords on post it, and other attacks.

-Do research on those security attacks on software applications like Windows Operating system & databases 

-THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER. ***Look for current trends that are applied in the security industry ***

-****NEED TO COVER ALL MAJOR THREATS ( I don’t know what these are so you have to do the research on this) ****
-You can use this ebook as a reference (NEED MORE)

-List REFERENCES on last page 



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