Your culminating projects (Integrated Arts Activity Plans Part 1 and Part 2) will require you to choose two different specific children’s literature books as the center for your teaching focus

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The gray boxes       provide below are available for you to highlightand type right in. Please change color of the font. Use complete sentences. Proofread for correct spelling and grammar! Remember that you beginning to demonstrate your understanding of the elements associated with the NAEYC Professional Preparation Standard 4-Using Developmentally Appropriate Approaches.

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Your culminating projects (Integrated Arts Activity Plans Part 1 and Part 2) will require you to choose two different specific children’s literature books as the center for your teaching focus
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Title:       Watercolor Fish Art

Topic/Subject Area: Art/2-dimensional

Age Group: Prekindergarten

Pre-K Guidelines Objective: The learner will be able to:

√Create artworks using a variety of colors, forms, and lines

√Develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks using a variety of materials


  • 12″ x 9″ 90-lb watercolor paper
  • Liquid watercolors (blues and greens)
  • Brushes
  • Oil Pastel (Including black)
  • Pan watercolors (optional)
  • Table salt
  • Fish puppet


How will you engage the learner? (opening of the lesson):

Use a fish puppet to invite children to the carpet area then with a tablet or laptop computer, show the Coral Reef Aquarium Collection (

Have the children to make note of the colors and sizes of the fish that are observed. Read the book You Be You (Linda Kranz) and discuss the observations that little Adri made when he was exploring.

How will you explain the skill or concept that the learner is expected to know or be able to do? (concept development and instructional input):

Tell the children they are going to create their own fish art projects using watercolor and oil pastels. They can draw their own shapes of fish and using their knowledge of the different kinds of lines, create “stripes” for them. They can also have fish with polka dots, add different tail shapes, mouths, and large or small fins. Have them paint the water backgrounds first, then, paint the outlines of the fish in the pastel color. While the background is wet, they can sprinkle it with a pinch of the table salt. Finally, they can use watercolors to paint the inside of the fish shapes.

How will you have the learner explore the skill or concept? (concept development and instructional input, continued; provocation):

As the fish paintings are completed and dry, have children do a “gallery walk” to examine and appreciate each other’s work. Ask them what they notice about the paintings. Have them share what connections they are able to make between the paintings they see, the fish they observed in the aquarium video on YouTube, and the book that was read.


Bring the children back to the carpet area and talk about times they may have experienced feeling “different.” Using your fish puppet again, talk about the beauty that is in the ocean and what it might be like if every fish in the sea looked the same or swam the same way. Allow them to share what “You be You” means. If necessary, remind them that it is important for every individual to be himself or herself and just as important for us all to accept individuals as they are.

Assessment Method:

Use the work sample method and look for the ways that the children are making use of various colors, forms, and lines in the fish artwork they have created.

Source (of your idea; use APA guidelines or Internet URL for citation):      

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