Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the budget deficit in oman.

Overall vote of thanks goes to all people and Oman citizens who have had both directly and indirectly contributed in accomplishment and delivery of this research both real field research and report preparation. Financing team and field directors are not left out due to their special contribution in data collection for actual study. Submission of heartfelt appreciation is to all and sundry.

Chapter One: Introduction Aim The goal is to establish the factors that make the budget deficit in Oman and formulation of ways of reducing budget deficit in the country.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the budget deficit in oman.
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The research establishes ways of reducing the impact of the factors contributing to large government expenditure which results to large government expenditure. In order to accomplish the research objective, there are various research methodologies used for data collection and analysis. Objectives 1. To establish the causes of the current budget deficit in Oman based on various economic factors such as government spending. 2. To establish the contribution of corruption in oil management to current budget deficit in Oman by questioning many managers and citizens working in the oil firms. 3. To establish long term solutions to the current budget deficit in Oman.

The views of different economists about the high budget deficit in Oman are obtained alongside their opinions on ways of resolving the issue on a long term basis. 4. To establish ways through which the Oman government can reduce government expenditures in order to reduce occurrences of budget deficits in future. This is achieved by reviewing various government expenditures and formulating mechanisms of reducing such expenditures. 5. To establish the different income-generating avenues in Oman so as to reduce government’s over reliance on the oil market projections.

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