Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on still thinking.

teraction within society was changed as a result of not having access to these technological devices, the means whereby her communications models were altered, and the ways in which her free time and personal habits were altered as well. Moreover, by performing such an analysis onto the ways in which technology and the lack thereof impacts upon the ways in which an individual integrates within society, it is the hope of this student that a further level of inference can be drawn with regards to technology’s role within society and the means whereby each and every one of us to one degree or another integrate with it.

Firstly, with respect to the way in which the brief moratorium on technology impacted upon her degree of interaction within society, it was quickly observable that she was more willing and able to meet and speak with strangers than she would have been on any other normal day. Rather than reclosing into the information of her phone or laptop, she was open to the world and actively seeking a form of stimuli to replace that which had been lost. It is worth noting that from the observation that this student engaged upon, it seemed to be that the level of interaction and the level of interpersonal communications were integrally linked.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on still thinking.
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As such, the proceeding section of the analysis will seek to draw a level of inference based upon the lack of technological stimuli into the way in which interpersonal communications were also changed.

It was further noted that as a result of the lack of stimuli from the technological tools that my friend had become so very dependent upon, there seemed to be a noticeable growth in the level to which meaningful and undivided levels of communication could be engaged upon. This was evidenced not only with this observer but also with other individuals with whom she interacted.

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