Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on negativity or positivity of white savior stories.

‘White Savior’ Hollywood stories have a glimpse of both positive and negative perceptions on viewers’ minds. Such stories normally depict a superior person helping the less unfortunate person(s) out of their situations. These stories are always one-sided, which should not be the case. They offer viewers with only one perspective view of the savior neglecting the perspective of the person to be saved.

Looking at the two movies, Avatar and The Blind Side, the dominant group is portrayed to have what it takes to save the subordinate one. This is negatively represented because even the less fortunate do have certain measures to help them out of their situations, which are not brought out in the movies. In the movie, the blind side, the story mostly dwells on the life of Leigh Anne who is determined to save a young man from the street and his drug-addicted mother. It does not significantly touch on the young man’s perspective. Similarly, the movie avatar depicts the life of a marine who becomes a leader and hero among the Na’vi.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on negativity or positivity of white savior stories.
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The whole representation of the two movies portrays negatively the inability of particular persons to solve their own plight and that they can only get assistance from ‘outsiders’ with superior abilities.

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