Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on discussions of the cities and global worlds in cartoons and visual graphics.

Fantasy and fiction are highly subjective, depend so much on the imagination and bias of the creator. As there is no obligation to obey facts the fiction writer can distort reality or sometimes even create one. Film, television, comics, magazines, and cartoons/animation have unlimited dimensions. Their creators play with their imagination creating, portraying, or distorting reality through pencil and paper. Graphic designing, cartoons, and animations have taken fiction to a whole new level. A story gives the reader the leverage to imagine, cartoons on the other hand restrict the imagination by defining its boundaries. No matter how fantastical cartoons are, they always represent some version/representation of reality.

The video game Grand Theft Auto gives the players a chance to be criminals in ‘cities like New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami (Solesbury 94). They are not exact copies of real cities but similarities are sufficient.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on discussions of the cities and global worlds in cartoons and visual graphics.
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Cartoons are usually created for humoristic purposes. They are specifically popular among children but they are equally popular among adults when they portray a distortion of reality like the ones in newspapers. Such cartoons deliver sarcasm to poke fun at society. Comic strips in newspapers lighten up the mood. All humor, pranks, and comic strips are eventually satire on common sense hierarchies of meanings (Oncu 98). Cartoon humor usually begins by considering the norms that feed the reality. They understand what is order and predictable. By juxtaposing the frames of reference the humorist exposes the impurity. It gives the artist the leverage to blur the hierarchical impositions of order so laughter can ensue (Oncu 98). This is not specific to a specific city.&nbsp.From an anthropological perspective, the study of cartoons as depicting social dynamics in a particular region is of high importance.

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