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Oct. 14, 2021 PR Newswire PR Newswire Association LLC Conference news 836 wordsFull Text: First round of speakers released today includes doctors from Harvard and the Cleveland Clinic–and top pharmaceutical execs–exploring a new era where evidence-based wellness finally takes a bigger role in traditional medical systems across the globeMIAMI, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leadersin the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy, today announced its first round of speakers for the 2021 Summit taking place inperson in Boston, Massachusetts, and virtually all over the world (November 30 to December 3). The theme for the 15th annualconference is “A New New Era in Health & Wellness.” The agenda will explore the very different future ahead as healthcare andwellness converge in more obvious ways. The key topic announced today is how the pandemic has ushered in a new era intraditional medical care, as it actively pivots to focus on prevention and more holistic wellness.”Traditional medicine and wellness have long had a siloed, even combative relationship, but COVID has accelerated newconversations and collaborations as healthcare digests the human and economic costs of not focusing on prevention,” said SusieEllis, chair and CEO of GWS. “Everything is getting a ‘rethink’: Healthcare is shifting in so many ways to a more holistic model ofhealth and wellbeing, just as wellness companies are now forced to embrace hard science and evidence. We’re bringing togetherleaders across healthcare and self-care to discuss what this very different future will look like-a future where wellness takes a muchbigger role in medicine and science takes a much bigger role in wellness.”The Boston-based 2021 Summit will gather leading doctors and healthcare executives from research organizations such as Harvard,MIT, Cleveland Clinic and Pfizer to tackle this topic. To see a preview of 2021 speakers, click here (check back for updates).Select speakers on the future of healthcare:Michael Roizen, MD, is the first Chief Wellness Officer and an internist and anesthesiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and co-chair ofthis year’s conference. The author of five #1 New York Times best sellers, his career has been focused on motivating behaviorchange to help people live better and in better health for much longer. His keynote will explore how a new focus on longevity andlongevity science will transform medicine.Jeffrey Rediger, MD, is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and a practicing physician at McLean Hospital. Firmlyrooted in traditional medicine, his book Cured is the result of his spending 17 years exhaustively studying individuals who have”spontaneously” recovered from incurable illnesses (whether cancer or arthritis)-research that persuaded him that it’s way past timeto embrace holistic health that focuses on an individual’s needs, while not eschewing the proven results modern medicine offers.Susan Silbermann is a former top executive at Pfizer who, prior to her retirement earlier this year after a 30-year career at thepharmaceutical giant, chaired Pfizer’s Global COVID-19 Task Force. She will lead a provocative panel with leading pharmaceuticalexecutives on some eye-opening new intersections between wellness, healthcare and medicine.Nicola Finley, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician and faculty member at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of PublicHealth at the University of Arizona, will lead a panel on how the pandemic exposed inequities in both healthcare and wellness andhow that will be tackled in the future.Registration is now open for the in-person event at the Encore Boston Harbor; space is extremely limited. The 2020 GWS pioneerednew ways to keep attendees safe at a conference, and 2021 will be no different. All delegates must provide proof of vaccination. Virtual delegates from around the world will be hosted by Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses Wellness Pioneer and a GWS Board Member,who provided the dynamic virtual experience during last year’s event. Virtual attendees will have access to the entire on-stageagenda-live and on-demand-as well as special breakout sessions and online networking opportunities. Register to attend virtuallyhere .Editor’s Note: The GWS will issue speaker and panel announcements weekly in the lead-up to the 2021 event. To apply to attend theSummit in person or virtually as media, please fill out the media accreditation form . Media in-person attendance is limited.About the Global Wellness Summit -The Global Wellness Summit is the premier organization that brings together leaders andvisionaries to positively shape the future of the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. Its future-focused conference is held at adifferent global location each year and has traveled to the US, Switzerland, Turkey, Bali, India, Morocco, Mexico, Austria, Italy andSingapore. GWS also hosts regular virtual gatherings, including Wellness Master Classes, Wellness Sector Spotlights and Investor”Reverse Pitch” events. The organization’s annual Global Wellness Trends Report offers expert-based predictions on the future ofwellness. The 2021 Summit will be held in Boston from November 30–December 3.Cassandra Cavanah, Global Wellness Summit, 8183974630, cassandra@cavanahcommunications.comSOURCE Global Wellness Summit COPYRIGHT 2021 PR Newswire Association LLC (MLA 9th Edition)    “Global Wellness Summit Announces Key Topic for Its 2021 Conference: How Traditional Healthcare Will Expand into Prevention and Wellness.” , 14 Oct. 2021, p. NA. , . Accessed 19 Oct. 2021. GALE|A678922965

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You read an abstract that you found for this week’s reading
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