You have read a lot of informative and interesting material in this clas

You have read a lot of informative and interesting material in this class. Revisit the objectives of your course and tell us which one(s) was/were most difficult to study and integrate? Why? Of all the suggestions for a feminist-inspired integrity, which one are you most interested in or passionate about to introduce as the one activism you would like to implement in order to achieve social change improvement in the world for ALL?

Finally, I would appreciate you responding to the questions below.  This is a contribution to the next edition of the book.  Thank you in advance for your input—it will be thoughtfully considered and may positively contribute to future students’ success!  Please to be effective in your responses you would need to copy the questions and respond under each one of them.

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You have read a lot of informative and interesting material in this clas
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  1. Please comment on the overall presentation of topics in Women’s and Gender Studies: Intersectional Voices.
  2. Did the readings in the book seem relevant to the topics and discussions held in class?
  3. Were there any topics that you felt were discussed in class or that you were tested on that were not covered or covered well in the book?
  4. Did the writing level of the readings in the book seem accessible to you?
  5. Did the lead-in material help prepare you to better understand the readings?
  6. How did you find the length of the readings (i.e., appropriate, too short, too long)?
  7. Please comment on the end-of-chapter questions. Based on the information provided in the readings, were you able to answer them successfully?
  8. In what ways did your instructor engage with the material covered in the book or ask you to engage with it (i.e., quizzes, testing, class discussions, activities)? Did you find this helpful?
  9. What additional features, study tools, or activities, if any, would improve your retention of the materials presented in the book? Would you prefer these be integrated in the book or provided separately as online interactive resources?
  10. Are there any additional comments you would like to share?

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