You have articulated your position relating to the validity of the decision statement.

  • Discuss the triggers or opportunity pushing Hannah’s Hats (HH) to make a decision.

The triggers and opportunities pushing Hannah’s Hat (HH) to make a decision on expanding the business is the fact that investors stated that the company could be worth 75 million dollars. Another trigger for Hannah’s Hat was the flattening of sales causing Hannah’s Hat to consider different business ideas in order to expand. Hannah’s Hat has the opportunity to position number one in the design embellishment industry.

  • Identify the goal Harry wants the decision to achieve in making this decision. (Later on in the model, HH will create specific objectives it wishes to accomplish in the final decision)

The goal that Harry wants to achieve is increasing sales and being able to develop a plan to potentially earn 75 million dollars by improving the income development that has decreased 10%. Harry would like to guarantee high profitability by handling more operational costs and expanding online channel. Harry would like to partner with major retailers on more efficient products.

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You have articulated your position relating to the validity of the decision statement.
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  • Examine the following decision statement: HOW CAN HARRY HANNAH INCREASE SALES?

This statement is a factual based on the general sales that decreased for HH from 35% to 25%. Including the adult hat sales that dropped 22% over the last year.

  • Discuss the validity of this decision statement. Is this the best decision statement for HH? Defend and support your discussion. Your logic and argument must be clear and based on the MDQ model as well as the case study facts. If it is not supportable from the facts and the purpose of the model step, it is not considered logical.

The decision statement is the best for HH because it characterizes the proposed decision by assessing the facts encompassing the decision. For example, the monetary information about HH’s sales decreasing 10% and 22% decrease of sales in the Adult cap fragment. The purpose of the decision is for HH to increase its net income to 75 Million dollars. The scope of activities is to be incorporated and rejected from the decision for instance, HH would need to zero in on sales in the Adult section rather than the kids section. The association’s perspective on the best way to move toward the decision. Constructing the decision incorporates truth based examination and can potentially open doors recommended by the decision statement and destinations. The statement allows for a survey and can take into consideration the decision by assessing all features of the decision as a whole examination. Measuring the effect of the decision by assessing the cycle up to the hour of execution to assess if the decision is prompting the satisfaction of the goals.

  • Does this decision statement seek to solve a problem or make a decision? Why?

The statement “how can Harry Hannah increase sales” would not have happened if there was an increase in sales. Harry Hannah has to figure out how to increase the sales.

  • Explain and justify why a decision statement would not contain solutions. Refer to the material addressed in Week 1 of the course.

A decision statement should focus on addressing the problem in the MDQ model. It does not address solutions until later on in the process. In any decision-making process you first have to find the problem which is the decision statement.


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