yellow journalism

I need some assistance with these assignment. yellow journalism: puncturing the myths, defining the legacies Thank you in advance for the help!

According to journalist experts, yellow journalism started with the onset of rapid industrialization, and the newspaper industry was greatly affected by the industrial revolution. The actual practice of yellow journalism came into existence during the gilded age that is between 1880 and 1890. It started with the circulation battles between Joseph Pulitzer New York World and William Hearst’s New York Journals. Both of these papers were condemned strongly for their sensational news.While talking about yellow journalism many critics and experts have said the different definitions of yellow journalism.

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According to John Bogert, a staff columnist, “Yellow journalism (derived from the eye-catching yellow ink used by the New York World in another age) is defined as cheaply sensational or unscrupulous reporting used to attract readers.” [2] While describing the term yellow journalism Hearts has defined the term as “truthful journalism of an aggressive, not a negative character.” While Arthur Brisbane, one of Hearst’s top editor said, “Anything in journalism that is new and successful is Yellow Journalism, no matter what you or I see fit to call it.

” [3]The atrocities General Weyler committed in Cuba have sensationalized in the US newspapers and at that time the Yellow Journalism emerged. The two persons were recognized as the kings of Yellow Journalism. First are William R. Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. Hearst’s publication was known as “New York Journal” and Pulitzer’s publication was known as “New York World.”To increase the circulation both these men were ready to go so far as to make up stories.

Hearst sent the artist to paint and draw the atrocities. He wanted these paintings and sketches for the sale of his paper. These pictures later played a very significant role in arousing the people’s concern for Cuba in the US. Thus Hearst increased his publication by producing a new kind of paper which would appeal the mass. Hearst in his newspaper used lots of pictures and illustrations along with large headlines. He also reduced the cost of his newspaper to make it accessible to almost everyone.

Thus the entire purpose of ‘Yellow Journalism’ was to produce exciting news.

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