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1 UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEG DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY PHIL -2230: MORAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS CASE STUDY PROJECT Due Date: April 6, 2021 Value: 40 % of final grade Length: 7-8 Pages (excluding title and bibliography) Students are being evaluated (i) on the degree to which they demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the relevant required readings, and (ii) insightfully apply that knowledge to acritical examination of aspecific moral issue in business today. Citations, Bibliography, & Formatting: Students are expected to substantiate their interpretative claims about the philosophers in question and factual claims about the irgiven case study topics by referring to, paraphrasing from, and/or directly quoting the required readings and researched article (s).To avoid plagiarism, provide acitation when borrowing or referring to the words, ideas, arguments, or research of others. For example, when quoting: According to Bowie, the “doctrine of psychological egoism ”ispremised on “ideological assumptions ” which, so long as they are adhered to, “obliterates ethics ”(Bowie 2013, 32). However, even when paraphrasing an author in your words, or merely referring to aspecific idea or argument of theirs, you must still offer acitation. For example: The theory of psychological egoism involves ideological presumptions which, as long as they are accepted, prevent any reconciliation between ethics and economics (Bowie 2013, 32). When referring to the required readings, articles, or any other sources, students must include page numbers in their citations. The failure to include page numbers in your citations isafailure to meet the basic criteria of this assignment. (Ifpage numbers are not available, please include asection or chapter number in lieu of apage number ifthat information isavailable). A‘Works Cited ’page containing all relevant bibliographic information should also accompany the assignment. Each entry should look something like this: Last Name, First Name (Year of Publication). ‘Chapter Title ’.Book Title .Publisher: City of Publication. Students must use 12-point Times New Roman font. Pages must be double-spaced with 2.5 cm margins. Your assignments should also be accompanied by aseparate title page with your name and atitle on it.The Case Study Project essay must be uploaded onto NEXUS in .PDF format by April 6th. Apart from extenuating circumstances, late submissions will be penalized 5% per day. However, ifdiscussed beforehand, extensions may be granted. Please familiarize yourself with the student code of conduct, specifically, the academic misconduct policies of the University of Winnipeg at the ‘Policies and Regulations ’webpage. 2 Case Study Guidelines : For the case study project, students must select 1particular moral philosopher studied in Phil 2230: Moral Issues in Business ,and choose 1relatively specific and relatively recent (from 2008 -2021) moral issue in business. Students must critically analyze and evaluate the morality of their chosen case study topic from within the perspective of their selected school of moral philosophy. Students must select aschool of moral philosophy studied in Phil 2230. Pick one of the following:  Aristotle ’sVirtue Ethics  Thomistic Ethics  Smith ’sMoral Sentimentalism  Mill ’sUtilitarianism  Keynes ’Moral Science  Whitehead ’sProcess Ethics  Sen ’sCapabilities Approach (Note: Students cannot select the same school of philosophy they used in their Applied Ethics Assignment). Your case-study paper must refer to both of the weekly required readings related to that particular philosopher (the primary reading by the philosopher, and the secondary reading by acontemporary business ethicist) .Your paper must also refer to at least 1magazine, newspaper, or academic journal article about the specific issue being analyzed. Your critical analysis of the case study topic might include:  formulating criticisms of specific business practices and attitudes  garnering insights into the ethical/unethical nature of the situation  morally evaluating the response of the business  offering advice for CSR strategies and corporate codes of conduct designed to repair, improve, and/or maintain ethical standards (Note: all of this should be done from within atheoretical perspective inspired by your chosen school of moral philosophy). In their case-study assignments, students are expected to: (i) Summarize the nature of their case study topic by referring to their newspaper or journal article; (ii) Summarize the meaning and explain the significance of whatever philosophic concepts, arguments, and theories they consider to be relevant to their ethical analysis of that topic with reference to the relevant course-related required readings; and, most importantly of all, (iii) Evaluate and critically analyze the case study topic within the context of their chosen school of moral philosophy.

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