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It has come to my attention that in order for the organization to function effectively various aspects ought to be emulated in a strategic aspect. In this case, the problem that is being experienced is a lack of education or rather retraining of the employees in the organization. This problematic issue needs to be addressed with effective measures so that the speculated goals and objectives of the organization can be achieved in a more transparent manner. It is clear that when employees are well enlightened on a matter that pertains the organization operations, productivity will be highly enhanced. In this study, the different assumption will be resonated so that a proper approach can be maintained on a matter pertaining the organization functionality. On the other hand, when the education of the employees is well facilitated financial gain can be obtained since employee motivation is highly enhanced since increased efficiency is obtained.

In essence, there is a typical reason as to why education/retraining of the employees is a need, for instance when the performance appraisal is needed in a company so that the improvement credential can be obtained. Enlightening employees insinuate that new plan and news performance management system will be initiated since diversity will be emulated in the company. This can be obtained in the sense that education/retraining of the employees can be facilitated in a different aspect, for instance, their I the aspect of communication, which enlightens employees on how they can interrelate with other, which bring a wide variety of customer.

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Different skills being enhanced to employees creates a sense of flexibility, which improve the work performance. Diversity, human relation, safety and among another important aspect ought to be emulated so that education retraining of the employees can increase the capacity of organization operation. The company while highly benefits due to the retraining of the employees because the company image will be highly enhanced because factors like risk management will be portrayed and reduction of employee turnover will be reduced.

Training involves experts who work closely with employees so that different skills can be portrayed to them that will be beneficial. Education of the employees can be conducive in different credentials that create a conducive environment, which will uphold employee capability to understand. From the data collected, it is quite evident that most of the workers are not fully familiarized themselves to their work, which implies that transparency in the working condition is not emulated in a brought perspective. Essentially determining the worker’s performance is an aspect that reflects the productivity of the company. This means that conducting an education or the retraining of the employees will upgrade and up skill on how workers conduct their tasks, which keep them on the move of being motivated (Machin, & Wilkinson, 1995).

In this case, the appropriate measures ensure that there will be the use of training can be obtained to all employees in a more flexible manner. More so, this calls for a strategy that the company will emulate in a specified time, which will involve better interaction. This can be enhanced by the fact that the programs that are initiated by the company cover up all workers schedule so that bias situation can be avoided whereby every employee will have to chance to be trained. This may be a long-term training program, but it will cover up all individuals in the company. Training employees will involve both oral and theoretical perspectives so that a better understanding can be maintained. Every company has a motive of initiating a program that will train employees with the least cost; this means that training employees should achieve its aspect but have the list utilization of finances and time.

However emulating an effective program will call for every employee to work towards the identified goals of the company, which reflect the fact that employees will stick to the program that is identified. This call for employees to be available at the required when various instructions are being offered by doing this information will not be elicited due the learning process. This means workers in a more flexible aspect will obtain skills that are more competent, but this is associated with the fact that accessing industry trends defined how which credentials would be used in defining the program.

The main aspect that will be delivered at the end of the process is that Education/retraining of the employees will be more enlighten in a better way and they will be in a position to deal with different issues that tend to emerge. It is out of these facts that employees will gain knowledge that will lead to productivity. More so, the functionality of the company will be improved since transparency will be enhanced in the sense that better channel will be created that emulate the fact that new skills have been introduced.

On the hand, Education/retraining of the employees will reflect the fact that a strategic approach will be obtained that calls for change, which is enhanced. Training employees will not only upgrade their skills and thinking capacity, but training facilitates and creates the room for recognition and the desire of importance. This means that a company can be in a position to be controlled without the supervision aspect since all employees will have developed a better and critical desire of working towards the speculated mission and vision statement of the company.

Having the experience of being a team leader for a long period, I have observed and learned that training employee one of the aspects that bring change in the company. More so, interacting with other leaders who emulate change by training employees has enabled the aspect of new structures that will be initiated in the company. This will define how the company will be competence in the business environments and which plan will be enhanced so that the trained employees can feel more connected with the company. It is out of this that training employees create a different picture of the company on how mattress are handled by employees, In essence, employees, are motivated in one way or another by the fact that they are in a position to think differently about the company and the social structure of the company.

In conclusion, Education/retraining of employees will not only improve the company functionality aspect but will enhance fanatical status; this is because different activities will be carried in a more professional perspective.


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