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CBE_ The Mathematics of GamesDeliverable 1- Analyze Discrete probability distributionCompetencyThis competency will allow you to demonstrate your ability to analyze discrete probability distributions and expected value.InstructionsYou have recently applied for an analyst position at GB Consulting and have been invited in for an interview. A part of the interview requirements for the job is presenting a thorough knowledge of probability and statistics. Some of your future potential coworkers are given the opportunity to interview you and wish to test your knowledge.What to SubmitTo complete this assignment, you must first download the word document .Your step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations, should be present within the word document provided.Only 3 attempts allowed.Mastery• All problems are solved correctly.• Complete and detailed steps are provided to explain how to solve the problem.• Explanations demonstrate a mastery of understanding of the concepts and terminology.• All mathematical expressions and any graphs or tables are properly formatted.Deliverable 01 – Worksheet1. The first interviewer you meet with is explaining to you the importance of knowing the regional business landscape in order to be best prepared for new potential clients. She shows you a spreadsheet predicting potential client types with the following information.Using basic properties of probabilities, state two reasons how you know this information is not accurate.Client Type Corporate Small Business Legal Government PrivateProbability 0.45 0.11 -0.09 0.29 0.7 2- The next interviewer you meet with is excited to show you a dice game he has developed that he is hoping to sell to a local casino. The game involves using two 10 sided dice with faces numbered 1 through 10.Create a table to show all outcomes of one roll of the dice. 2. Using the same scenario as in number 2, determine the probability of rolling a sum of 11 on the two dice.  3. Using the same scenario as in number 2, determine the probability of rolling at least one 7 on the two dice. 4. Using the same scenario as in number 2, determine the probability of rolling doubles twice in a row.  5. Using the same scenario as in number 2, your interviewer tells you that the game costs $1 to play and it has an expected value of 47 cents for every dollar spent. Use the following payouts to determine the expected value of the game. Do you agree with your co-worker’s assertion?Roll Sum of 19 Sum of 17 Sum of 15 Sum of 13 Doubles OtherWinnings $5 $3 $2 $1 $.5 $0


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