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Choose a nurse leader who holds a leadership nursing position in their organization who have direct reports (they supervise other employees). Examples of this include the Director of Nursing, Director, Unit Manager. *You may not be employed in the same facility as your interviewee or shadow during personal work hours* (If special accommodations need to be made, approval by your instructor is required first). Develop an interview guide before conducting the interview. Identify the information that you want to know before the interview and plan clarifying questions. You must include at least one question about technology/informatics.Conduct an interview regarding their professional role in the organization, and a current health care issue that is of interest to you (ethics, conflict management, budget, staffing, culture of safety, “just culture”, career advancement, quality improvement, etc.). Identify the name of the organization and use the names of all involved (no anonymity).Prepare a written report of the interview.There have been a couple of changes made to this assignment due to covid so now the principle is to do a phone interview instead of shadowing. This essay should include an introduction and also a conclusion with a turnitin score that is below 20%. I will attach some sample questions below:Please describe the nursing and inter-professional teams that operate in this facility/on this unit.Can you provide an example of a nursing practice that has been changed in the last year based on current best evidence?What do you consider your biggest challenge?What do you love most about your job?Why did you choose this job?What other kinds of nursing/other job did you ever do?How would you describe your company’s culture?How would you describe your role in admission and staffing decisions?What is your leadership style? Plus one: Develop a question regarding technology/ informatics? (this is a must)I will also need to complete an hour log so if other information can be included separately that would be great, thanks.If any questions please feel free to email me.


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