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Professional Platform for Ethics and Leadership The role of the health care professional includes being a moral agent or a person whose actions affect themselves and others at a moral level. It is important to have a personal ethic or moral framework in which you ground your practice and professional relationships. The purpose of this assignment is to explore and create a foundation for leadership and ethics in your professional practice.Write a reflection on the nature, sources, and implications of your values, beliefs, and ethical perspectives that guide your personal life and nursing practice. Please note, grading is based on the clarity and depth of your writing and the apparent effort given the assignment, not on the rightness or wrongness of your position. You are encouraged to be honest in your self-assessment and conclusions.This is basically a self-reflection paper and to give a little background as a float nurse managing home and work is not the easiest. You get different scenarios thrown your way, it is fulfilling at times but could also be very stressful at this time especially in a pandemic you try your best to follow the nurse’s code of ethics and try to do the very best and making sure that we have the best outcome for the patient possible. Even though it gets tough and challenging, I wouldn’t change it for the world, this is what I was brought on earth to do. Please include an introduction and a conclusion, turnitinscore should be below 20%.


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