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Please responded and answer the following questions:Lynne and all, Thanks for your thoughts. In a split up a firm breaks up into two or additional separate firms. This is where the stock in the original firm is exchanged for stock in the new firms. In a spit up the original firm no longer exists and there are now 2 or more new firms. 1. Why would a firm do this? What are some reasons? Can anyone give some examples? Dr. Ahmed2. Lynne and al,Thanks for your discussion. Tracking stock is an interesting stock. Take a look at the link below and bring more information to the class regarding Tracking Stock. What are the features of Tracking Stock? http://people.stern.nyu.edu/igiddy/trackingstock.htm Dr. Ahmed3. Dottori (2007) gave several elements to a successful spin-off. Some of these are early and thoughtful planning of the spin-off; an informed front-end definition of the process; and buy in across the stakeholders. The process for a successful spin-off would be organization of transaction infrastructure; due diligence; assessment; and action. Dottori goes on to provide insight into the key elements for achieving a successful transition of third-party technology, IT services and shared services arrangements to the post-spin enterprises. Identified were the following four principles as proven essential for successful execution of those spin-offs. (1) A robust contract repository and management system is critical to a successful transition with third-party suppliers. (2) Demand integrated service and collaboration among the spin-off advisory team. (3) Design a process that leverages uniformity but establishes defined parameters for flexibility. (4) Form aligned strategies and tactics to respond to the inevitable – the suppliers’ appetite for additional revenue opportunities. Reference: Dottori, M. (2007). Keys to successful corporate spin-offs:Transitioning third-party technology services and enterprise agreements. Corporate restructuring. Retrieved from http://www.pillsburylaw.com/siteFiles/Publications/BC070E93C529CA7C1B8C58EC50EA4258.pdf


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