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Hello,because of covid we are able to visit online- I chose LAMCA for the museum. Our teacher would like a screen shot of the visit. I need part 1-3 done. Thank you in advance!ART MUSEUM VISIT GUIDE
1. When you arrive at the museum, check in with the visitor services or admissions desk to inquire
about what learning resources such as audio tours, touchable or tactile models, etc., are
available to support your learning.
2. Explore the museum collections and a variety of works of art and take notes on your
exploration. Include the following in your notes:
○ What collections are exhibited?
○ What did you see as you explored the museum?
○ What exhibitions or individual artworks are engaging to you and why
3. Now select a single work of art that will be the subject of your extended experience and settle in
for your first experience of it. You may use available learning resources to guide you.
Make notes of your initial thoughts, discoveries, questions, and speculations that come from
your exploration. Use the following prompts to guide your exploration of the artwork:
○ Start by noting the artist name, title, date, measurements, and media of the selected
○ What drew you to this artwork?
○ How is it made?
○ Is there a narrative, idea, or information being shared through it? If yes, how is it
○ What other details can be noted?
4. Take a picture of your selected artwork to submit with your ticket or admission receipt.
5. Now, settle in for an extended exploration of your selected work of art. If you haven’t engaged
with available learning resources, consider doing so now.
As you spend more time with the artwork and use or revisit related learning resources, consider
how the thoughts, discoveries, questions, and speculations that came from your initial
experience continue to grow and evolve. Make notes of your deepening understanding.
Think about the following questions as you continue to explore the artwork; make notes of your
deepening discoveries:
○ What else can you note about the artwork?
○ What is the subject?
○ What more can you say about the figures, objects, and setting?
○ How do the figures, objects, and setting fit together to tell a story?
○ Are there more details to note about how the artwork was made?
○ What more can you say about the artwork?
6. As you conclude your exploration of this work of art, review your notes to add additional
thoughts, clarify details, and record your final observations.

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