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Reflection Paper on Cross-cultural Organizational Leadership and MotivationStudying military history is recommended to learn more about issues such as cross-cultural training, strategy, logistics, management, and leadership. What do you think can be learned from a military setting about these key concepts? Keep in mind that although the military regularly trains to fight, most armed forces actually spend only a small amount of time actually fighting, and in fact face many of the same strategic and managerial problems that all large organizations face. After this week’s readings and research in your KU online library, reflect on each subtopic and the corresponding organizational challenges/opportunities and write a 5-6 page APA formatted reflection paper. Your paper must address the subtopics above, but are not limited to them. Bring in experiences, examples, and outside research into your reflection.PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL WORK WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISM, ORIGINALITY AND THIS PAPER WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE GLOBAL REFERENCE DATABASE, ETC. IN ADDITION, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT’S PAPER. AGAIN, ALL WORK WILL BE VERIFIED TO ENSURE ORIGINALITY!!


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