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Write a four-page paper on the SWOT Analysis. Starting on Pg. 49 in the textbook, this will give you the overview and detail required. The paper should include a matrix. Please select a company of your choice then review their product strategy using the SWOT. The assignment needs to be in APA format.Please see exhibit in textbook for an idea of the format.Textbook:Marketing Management: Knowledge and Skills 15th editionKotler and KellerPearson978-0-13-385646-0*** PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL WORK WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISM, ORIGINALITY AND THIS PAPER WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE GLOBAL REFERENCE DATABASE, ETC. IN ADDITION, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT’S PAPER. AGAIN, ALL WORK WILL BE VERIFIED TO ENSURE ORIGINALITY!!


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