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Write a paper 3-5 pages in length with appropriate research citations using the APA method integrate readings, class exercises and discussions on leadership from the classes for which the paper is assigned paper should be formatted use double spacing and 12-point Times New Roman font. Use 5-7 appropriate research sources.-Identify a situation where there was a failure of leadership, ideally one you have personally witnessed either through your current or past employment. -Present a summary of the situation then analyze and assess it through the lens of leadership theory. -What went wrong, why, and what could have been done differently to avoid the failure. -You should conclude your paper with a summary of your findings and recommendations derived from the analysis. -Be sure that you support your analysis with appropriate research sources.*** PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE OR USE ANOTHER STUDENT’S PAPER. ALL WORK MUST BE CITED AND WILL BE VERIFIED.


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