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Threats of Surveillance on Private Citizens: Government and Privacy issues 

The public, private, and government sectors negatively impact surveillance on citizens. Snowden, an IT analyst for NSA, exposed illegal activities of the US government by using wiretapping and video surveillance technology on some private citizens.

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Surveillance in Public Sector

According to the research conducted by Neil Robinson on public policy at RAND Europe, potential risks and threats of surveillance and cyberspace can be accessed by hackers. Public Sector exposes private citizens’ privacy and information when being hacked, including their personal information to health information according to privacy and concerns of citizens are being neglected. At the same time, businesses are focused on making themselves rich and profitable.

Public sectors gather all information we reveal as it sets off another data bite to be mined, measured, sorted, and sold. Threats present by constant surveillance and distribution of information are unreasonable takeover privacy, leading to serious consequences for citizens as they do not feel fully protected. Risks are not just associated with private citizens; therefore, the public sector is exposed to dataveillance and big data operations. Police agencies are conducting racial profiling to minimize crime; it discriminates against people based on their race, ethnicity, religion.

Through research, it is evident that racial profiling during daylight hours is increasing as police officers can ascertain the race of nearby drivers. It creates a disparity between people based on their appearance and being treated. The use of new technologies by public authorities is silently deteriorating the privacy of people, which is wrongdoing. Private citizens resist surveillance because of higher concerns related to abuse of their privacy. Surveillance can pose a danger to children’s privacy and decision-making. Without privacy, their ability to make sound decisions is impaired as they get an opinion from others.

Surveillance in Private Sector

Private companies’ role in surveillance has concerned the public over privacy, like their involvement with NSA in cyberspace. Private citizens leave track which gives interested parties access to their personal information, whereas gives freedom to trace citizens. Social networking sites collect user data and sell it further, raising privacy concerns as individuals’ text messages, posts, and behavioral patterns. Targeted advertising is another aspect that can be risky for the privacy of individuals as it collects information about a person’s preferences and behaviors. Internet of things frequently used by people is also a threat to them as it can collect data.

There is the availability of spy software to register customers’ habits on the internet of things (IoT), as surveillance is primarily concentrated on technical information instead of human information. IoT devices compromise all four categorized areas of privacy: personal, intimate, semi-private, and public. Companies have a motive behind collecting data that profits from data surveillance by sharing information with government agencies.

Targeted advertising is another aspect that can be risky for the privacy of individuals as it collects information about a person’s preferences and behaviors. Big data is collected by companies for further sale to different companies and governments, exposing consumers’ behavior patterns and preferences without their consent. Businesses’ collection of data and information about the spending habits of individuals can be exploited. Information gathered by companies covertly can be used for blackmail and discrediting the opposition by leaking their embarrassing secrets. Companies exploit their workers by using surveillance to monitor their efficiency, such as amazon delivery.

Surveillance in Government (America, China, Kyrgyzstan)

Surveillance technologies utilized by the government prompt dread among the residents. The dread emerges from how the administration holds a huge amount of information that can attack their security. Numerous information breaks have uncovered private residents’ data, which left them crushed.

Observation by the government on private residents can have horde impacts which can hurt their protection. Generally, individuals are stressed over reconnaissance advances utilized by the government. They dread that it would be inconceivable for them to stow away because of expanded reliance on observation. The dread emerges from how the administration is holding an enormous measure of information that can attack the protection of private residents. Numerous information breaks have uncovered private residents’ very own data, which left them crushed. There are different models seen forever where governments have purposely abused information and accidentally due to their helpless association of guarding information.

Besides, observation innovation can diminish the common freedoms of individuals in any country. Serious observation by the Chinese government on Uyghur Muslims illustrates racial separation because their central privileges are disregarded as the Chinese government has denied them to follow their religion. Surveillance by the government additionally dangers the scholarly protection of individuals. It can influence power balance among people and watchers, prompting the danger of invasion by watchers and coercion. Private residents’ touchy data can be utilized for dangerous purposes.

To summarize, the significant adverse impacts of reconnaissance advances are interruption of residents’ protection, segregation on-premise gatherings, the wellbeing of individuals’ mental effects. Notwithstanding, these negative issues likewise have some arrangements. Some of which are discussed above, like modifying people’s decisions and end of racial profiling, are useful. Hence, utilization of reconnaissance innovation can abuse the basic liberties of people (protection) in any country.

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