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In their assignments, students will be evaluated primarily on the extent to which they can directly demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the required readings and apply the knowledge of those moral theories to a critical analysis of historical and contemporary moral issues in business.

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The reading reflect is worth 25% of the final grade. Its due on Feb 2nd, 2021. It is a short interpretative essay which focuses on the reading by Friedman and bowie.

Norman bowie book read pages 31-40

Hoffman book pages 180-183

Assignment question is,

  1. According to Friedman and Bowie, is profit maximization moral? Compare and contrast their arguments on the ethics of utility maximization. In your judgement, briefly explain whose arguments are more persuasive and why do you find them more convincing.

Length: 3-4 Pages (Not Including Title Page & Bibliography)

In addition to a ‘Works Cited’ page, your assignments must have a separate title page which includes a title, your name, student number, and University email address.

Students must use 12-point Times New Roman font. Pages must be double-spaced with 2.5 cm margins. Pages should be numbered. No other headers please.

Apart from extenuating circumstances, late submissions will be penalized 5% per day. However, if discussed beforehand, extensions may be granted.

Please familiarize yourself with the student code of conduct, specifically, the academic misconduct policies of the University of Winnipeg at the ‘Policies and Regulations’ webpage.


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