write the one-page memo


You have been retained by a Physician practice to perform some forecasted financial information.  Acme Physician Healthcare Group is considering adding a new physician to their group.  Since this is their first time looking into expanding their physician base, they need someone who has an objective perspective, plus experience in developing and evaluating forecasted financial and utilization data.  You have been retained to serve this role.

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write the one-page memo
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To assist you in this project, the Company has provided you with the following:

·       A listing of the Revenue, Utilization and Expense Assumptions associated with the potential hire/addition of a new physician.

·       A template for the calculation of the monthly and annual forecasted pre-tax income for the twelve-month period.


To complete your task, you will need to deliver the following documents to management for their review and approval:

1.    Forecast of the twelve-month monthly revenue and patient utilization.

2.    Forecast (pro forma) of the monthly and annual Pre-Tax Income Statement for the twelve-month period.

In addition to the excel documents, a one-two page memo is required.  This memo will

1.    Briefly outline your results

2.    Highlight any areas of concern with the forecasted results.  Include any proposed changes/modifications to be considered by the Company.

3.    Provide proposed recommendation(s), to the Company whether to proceed with the addition/hire of the new Physician.


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