write on Ontario province.

Based on the unit resources and additional information located on the internet if necessary, please prepare a case study on the key components and generic benefits of conducting community energy planning for a community located in the same province/territory as your Unit 3 Briefing Note or Unit 5 Case Studyorg/textbook/Fundamentals-of-Energy-Efficiency-Sec2.pdf” rel=”noreferrer noopener” target=”_blank”>http://energyefficiencyfundamentals.org/textbook/Fundamentals-of-Energy-Efficiency-Sec2.pdf, allowing for identifying connections between provincial/territorial policy and energy markets and local and regional planning processes.

write on Ontario province.

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write on Ontario province.
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•Approximately 5 pages in length, including figures and tables, if appropriate. •Written at a level and with language that would be beneficial to knowledgeable local government staff and management with basic energy literacy and a moderate understanding of energy management. •Comprehensive to ensure that all key aspects of the community energy planning processes are covered, including the linkages to broader local government neighborhood, community, and/or regional planning. •Evidence-based and not anecdotal. •Inclusive of at least five citations from the required reading and/or official websites of local governments or organizations such as the Community Energy Association or QUEST.

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