Write close reading of 20- lines of a text

When you’re  close reading a section of a larger work…

-Check out the PDF file about what is “close reading “ first.

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Write close reading of 20- lines of a text
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Story link if needed:http://samuel-beckett.net/Waiting_for_Godot_Part1.html

Requirement /guideline:

Look at Vocabulary and Diction:

 1.How do the important words relate to one another? Does a phrase here appear elsewhere in the

story or poem?

 2.Do any words seem oddly used to you? Why? Is that a result of archaic language? Or deliberate


3. Do any words have double meanings? Triple meanings? What are all the possible ways to read

it? Try to Discern Patterns:

 4. How does this pattern fit into the pattern of the book as a whole?  How could this passage symbolize something in the entire work? Could this passage serve as a

microcosm, a little picture, of what’s taking place in the whole narrative or poem?

 5.What is the sentence rhythm like? Short and choppy? Long and flowing? Does it build on itself

or stay at an even pace? How does that structure relate to the content?

6. Can you identify paradoxes in the author’s thought or subject?

7. What is left out or silenced? What would you expect the author to say that the author seems to

have avoided or ignored? What could the author have done differently—and what’s the effect of

the current choice?


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