write an article on Women in the Middle Ages.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Women in the Middle Ages. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The medieval world is said to be exceptionally customary. Ladies had zero part practically to play in the nation on the loose. In the city, society would have effectively overseen what occupations a woman could perform, and her part in a medieval society would have been to help her mate. And in addition doing her daily chores, whether in a town or at home, a lady would have had numerous obligations concerning her job (Hanawalt 39). The duties played by women in this period were those that helped men to work harder or improve their efficiency. The responsibilities include some tasks like cooking for the man of the house. The women were expected to carry out this duty by the society to help men carry out their duties continuously. Men could now feel motivated as they did not waste any time in the house doing jobs like preparing meals.

Jobs are mostly believed to be available in the urban regions. Inside a town, ladies would have done a significant number of the undertakings men did in the area. Even so, they were lowly paid for completing the same piece of the task. Archives from Medieval England identifying with what the normal individual did are uncommon, yet some still exist which inspect what ladies living in the towns did. For example, when procuring a commodity, a male could get 8 pence (Rexroth 219).When a woman completes the same task, she was paid 5 pence. For food making, men would receive 6 pence a day, while women got 4 pence (Hanawalt 219).

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write an article on Women in the Middle Ages.
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