write an article on Performing arts business management marketing in Asia.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Performing arts business management marketing in Asia. It needs to be at least 10000 words. In the light of these changes, it is interesting to explore how the performing arts manage to survive and continue to provide an offering that has meaning to the customers. The current paper studied the organizational, structural and marketing aspects of orchestra organizations in the United States and Taiwan. A comparative analysis on the case studies developed for six orchestras, the New York Philharmonic, The Chicago Orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra, and the Philadelphia Orchestra in the US and National Symphony Orchestra and The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan was undertaken. The findings revealed important difference in the ownership and marketing of the orchestras in the United States and in Taiwan. It was also found that the level of audience development in the United States was high as compared to that of Taiwan, where orchestra performances and other performing arts were not considered as an attractive option to popular music and sports. The paper provided useful insights, like the need to provide more flexibility to the operational and functional aspects of orchestra, the need to involve people with musical and marketing backgrounds in the management and administrative functions instead of putting bureaucrats at the helm, and the need to focus on the market and customer preferences as opposed to forging ahead with a pre-pared program agenda.

Performing arts include music, dance, theater and other forms of life arts that are staged in front of an audience.1 These arts provide not only entertainment to the audience, but at times act as settings for social interactions or as promoting cultural education.2 In some cases, it has been found that people relate their self-identity and self-esteem with the type of performing arts that they patronize.3 There is a wide range of experiences that the audience may drive from the Performing Arts.

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write an article on Performing arts business management marketing in Asia.
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