write an article on organization and planning assumptions for the community disaster relief plan.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on organization and planning assumptions for the community disaster relief plan.m1s Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Organization and Planning Assumptions ORGANIZATION AND PLANNING ASSUMPTIONS A disaster relief plan can be defined as identification, assessment and reduction of risks posed by a disaster. Its main aim is the reduction both social and economic disaster vulnerability, on top of dealing with hazards that trigger them, for example, the environment. This paper sets out to design a disaster relief plan for Chloe-land in New England. This plan is necessary because the town is quite ill equipped to deal with major emergencies. the nearest referral hospital and response units are far away by 50 kilometers.

Chloe-land is a sleepy town, far from the city, and is an administrative center. Some trade goes on, as does logging in the expansive forest, lying in its outskirts. The people in Chloe-land live mainly off the logging and the timber factories, with lumberjacks being the town’s most treasured people. Many residents have no formal employment and work in the timber industry, and it is a very religious town. There are two major disasters that these people are most vulnerable to, wild fires in the forests and massive landslides for those who live on the hill-slopes (David & Cleland, 2006).

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write an article on organization and planning assumptions for the community disaster relief plan.
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The plan is to allow one to modify effects of the disaster. Therefore, it is imperative to use social units in an effort aimed at disaster reduction. How successful these efforts are will rely on the level of understanding of the social structure of Chloe-land (David & Cleland, 2006). Social assumptions are important, especially three underlying ones. Presuppositions that steady emergency planning contemporarily, the issues that relate to institutionalizing of measures against forest fires in Chloe-land and the evacuation and temporary settlement of the inhabitants of Chloe-land as a way of reducing future risk ((Dewar, 2002).

The community organization structure would include the local police department, the local pastor and priest as well as the head of the lumberjack umbrella body. The captain of the local baseball team, a well-respected young man, would be a help with the younger generation. This would support the CDRP well enough until the authorities come in to join forces.

It is futile to fail to understand the importance of comprehending the possibilities accorded by coordinated social action and the social costs (Dewar, 2002).


David I, Cleland R. (2006). Global Project Management Handbook: Planning, Organizing, And Controlling International Projects. Plymouth: McGraw-Hill Prof Med/Tech.

Dewar J. (2002). Assumption-Based Planning: A Tool for Reducing Avoidable Surprises. London: Cambridge University Press.

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