write an article on Is the youth-bulge theory responsible for the islamic terrorism.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Is the youth-bulge theory responsible for the islamic terrorism. It needs to be at least 3000 words. enomenon projects a situation when there is an increased amount of concentration of youth in the population that further leads to an enormous amount of violence and disorders within the nation. The incapability of the society to meet with extreme pressure of this increasing amount of youth masses has been affecting the development of the community as well, which further gave rise to the youth bulge theory. This bulge or extreme pressure of the increasing youth masses has been affecting economic resources and it channelization in a negative way and have adversely affected societal development to a large extent (Schomaker, 2013). Such a phenomenon has attracted the attention of many scholars who thus argued it to be creating a social unrest and has been negatively affecting its overall development. With the increased amount of youth within an economy, there are high chances of political instability and social distress that may lead to a situation of violence within the society (Urdal, 2012).

As argued in Schomaker (2013), the increased amount of the youth masses within the population is likely to generate a situation of unemployment that may again lead to a situation of lack of social status among the masses and further affect the development of the economy. This lack of proper social status is most likely to affect the mental conditions of youth masses and act as a catalyst towards fuelling the tendency of violence amid the youth masses (Urdal, 2004). With this regards, the research paper focuses on the development of a clear picture about the influence that ‘youth bulge’ theory has been responsible for the spread of Islamic terrorism. The paper also stresses on the demographic dynamics and reflects on the impact that such trends impose on Islamic nations, leading to its greater spread.

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write an article on Is the youth-bulge theory responsible for the islamic terrorism.
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According to Hendrixson (2012), immense pressure of the growth of population within the economy is likely to affect the development of the different strategies.

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