write an article on Is Environmental Activism Good for Humanity.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Is Environmental Activism Good for Humanity. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The United Nations-created IPCC “states unequivocally that the consensus of scientific opinion is that the earth’s climate is being affected by human activities” and that “the observed global warming over the last 50 years is likely to have been due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations” (Oreskes, 2004, p. 1686, citing an IPCC document).

Further, according to Oreskes (2004), “the IPCC is not alone in its conclusions” because “all major scientific bodies in the United States whose expertise bears directly on the matter have issued similar statements” (Oreskes, 2004, p. 1686). For example, Oreskes (2004, p. 1686) argued that “the National Academy of Sciences report, Climate Change Science: An Analysis of Some Key Questions, begins: Greenhouse gases are accumulating in Earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperature to rise.” Further, the United Nations-created IPCC explicitly described its assessment on the anthropogenic and greenhouse gas-associated climate change to be an accurate reflection of the current thinking of the scientific community on the issue (Oreskes, 2005, p. 1686). According to Oreskes (2004, p. 1686), the American Meteorological Society, the American Geophysical Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) have issued statements with a conclusion that “evidence for human modification of the climate is&nbsp.compelling.”

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write an article on Is Environmental Activism Good for Humanity.
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Second, environmental activism is good because it is through environmental activism that we can adopt policies that promote good health and a better quality of life associated with clean air, clean seas and oceans, clean rivers, and clean terrestrials.&nbsp.

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