write an article on Immigrant Bullying.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Immigrant Bullying. It needs to be at least 1250 words. These individuals were bullied in their childhood and they still manifest the effects of childhood bullying. Short-term effects contribute majorly to the existence of the long-term effects of bullying (Blosnich, 2012). Their recurrence involves the actualization of the long-term consequences. Immediate inferiority was an example of a short-term effect of bullying. Its recurrence leads to the growth of low self-esteem amongst the Ugandan, Kenyan and Nigerian immigrants in Boston MA (Fay, 2009). Therefore, low self-esteem is a long-term consequence of bullying malpractice. It takes the highest rate in schools and playgrounds (Blosnich, 2012). Youths and teenagers engaged in bullying malpractices amongst each other. Boston MA had a significant record of rampant bullying against the Ugandan, Kenyan, and Nigerian immigrants in ancient times. The current adults underwent severe bullying in their schools due to their ethnic inferiority (Fay, 2009). Racial inferiority would attract bullies, and they would manipulate the immigrants intensely (Blosnich, 2012). The adults manifest long-term impacts of bullying from their childhood. For instance, some of them manifest low self-esteem due to childhood experiences. Bullies have psychological disorders as well. Most of them manifest personality disorders such as neuroticism and psychoticism (Roekel, 2010). Bullies, therefore, require psychological therapy. This would assist them to define their identity and build on pro-social behaviors in their societies (Roekel, 2010). Evidently, bullying has intense ramifications and it requires outstanding solutions for its culmination in Boston MA and the rest of the USA. In this case, preventing the rampant occurrence of bullying would require a joint effort from diverse parties (Blosnich, 2012). Teachers, parents and the government have a joint obligation to prevent the instances of bullying with Boston MA.&nbsp.

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