write an article on defending the minimum drinking age

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on defending the minimum drinking age Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

who had served as a president in a college previously. McCardell formed an organization named Choose Responsibility in the year 2006 but this organization and his efforts gained fame mainly in the year 2008. McCardell pushed for the fact that the age of drinking should be reduced to 18 and he claimed that this would provide for far more benefits than the existing law (Cloud 2008). McCardell’s stand has been opposed by many health professionals as well as community welfare organizations that support the society of Mothers against Drunk Driving and they uphold the advantages that this existing law has brought forward with the assistance of different researches and statistics (Dean-Mooney 2008).

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write an article on defending the minimum drinking age
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The legal age of drinking which is 21 years of age has been indicated to be one of the best policies of the United States of America owing to its success and the subsequent reduction in the car crashes as well as the reduction of deaths and other negative effects due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

The age of legal drinking which is set to 21 years of age has been supported by health experts. The issue of teen drinking has been a part of the society of the United States since the nineteenth century and this problem has been linked with social as well as health issues amongst the teenagers.

It hampers the normal development of an individual if started at an early age and results in problems of the nervous system. The years of teenage are important owing to the fact that these years are essential for the proper development of the nervous tissue and in particular the brain. The consumption of alcohol in these years results in alteration of the normal cells of various parts of the brain which include the forebrain and the hippocampus. This affect results in altering the normal memory of these teenagers and their performance in studies decreases.

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