write an article on Cultural Communications Challenges for Responding Police Officers.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Cultural Communications Challenges for Responding Police Officers. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

However, what remains to be seen is the fact that these police officers will be able to give in their best in times of trouble, trying circumstances, litigations, cultural manifestations, and so on and so forth.The role of these police officers within the areas where cultural communications tangents are drawn upon remains an important one. Often times it has been seen that these police officers have not been able to get their point across to the relevant audiences merely due to the fact that the latter have not been able to understand what they are saying.

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write an article on Cultural Communications Challenges for Responding Police Officers.
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This is a problem and one that receives quite a lot of flak due to the communication breakdown which takes place within the related scenarios (Decker, 1996). What could be done to do away with such communication breakdowns is something that remains to be seen within the midst of things. However, the evidence is available that the police officers have learned new traits, acquired skills, and the like to make sure that the crime scene does not get disrupted by communication issues every now and then.

What is important here is an understanding on the part of both these police officers and the people at large so that sanity could prevail within the related ranks and that success for the sake of finding out the inner depths of the crimes would see the light of the day.The main aim of these police officers should be as such to make sure that they secure the crime scene as soon as they reach the spot, and then collect hate literature, spray paint cans, do away with threatening letters, identify criminal evidence and move ahead with the investigation phases in particular.

During this process, the manner in which they communicate with the people from different walks of life is a very significant notion and one that needs to be given emphasis by these police officers as well. They also have to interview people to find out about the suspects and the actual crime that has been committed, creating awareness for not only their own selves but also the public that are present near the crime scene. The support services for the community members are also deemed as significant because this emphasizes the due role of the police officers and their work manifestations within the minds of the community at large (Scerra, 2011).

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