write an article on climate change man made or a natural occurrence Paper must be at least 2000 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on climate change man made or a natural occurrence Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Rather, this debate is about the actual causes of the increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Some scientists argue that this is a result of natural occurrences while others believe that it results from human activities. This paper aims at discussing whether climate change is a natural occurrence or resulting of human activities.

According to Nicola Scafetta, a scientist at Duke university climatic changes as from the year 1950 have been a result of predictable, cyclical, and natural occurrences that takes place on the earth’s with very minimal or no help from human activities. According to Nicola Scafetta, those claiming that climatic change is a result of human activities fail to take into consideration climate modulating effects of solar changes. These effects might include how cosmic rays are influenced by cloud-forming thus reducing sunspot activity. He argues that between 50%-70% of global warming on the 20th century can be associated to increased solar activity (Jarman 101).

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write an article on climate change man made or a natural occurrence Paper must be at least 2000 words.
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Other scientists also argue that there are many causes of global warming that cannot be linked to human activities. Such activities include ice age, hurricanes, and earthquakes. However, when you look at these occurrences and their frequency of occurrence you will notice that if in any case they were the sole causes of climate change, then climate change would not have been the big global problem that everybody is currently concerned of.

For a single year the earth, usually makes a single orbit around the sun. During the process, the earth is always tilted to the angle 23.5% to the plane that is perpendicular to the orbital path. When the earth tilts there is always a small though significant change in the seasons’ strength. The there is more tilt the result would be warmer summers and colder winters. The small tilt has been leading to small but significant changes in the climate over the years.

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